How is your "buy-to-let" investment in Bromley doing? Whether you have only one or rent several, you have an obligation of up-keep. There are two good reasons: if you decide to sell you want the best value, and if you want good tenants they need to feel that what they are paying rent for is a good safe and homey value.

There are many things a landlord can do to build a reputation of renting quality homes or apartments. There are many DIY projects that will save you money but will require a commitment of some personal labor. If you have a budget for up-keep, there are inexpensive ways to class up the tenement with out breaking the bank. This is an introduction to an article that will save you money and make your property look its best so you can get top price for your rental contracts.

The full article shows you 10 basic ways to keep, fix, and up keep your property. It includes things like painting, garden work, cosmetic repairs, and all this can be done without emptying your pockets. The full article is easy reading, informative, and will open the door for better up-keep of your investments. Just click the link and roll your sleeves up; you got work to do!

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to rental property, small and simple improvements can yield higher rental income.
  • Cleaning up the outside area enhances curb appeal.
  • Making small improvements throughout the house like painting and updating the kitchen will make the rental property more appealing to prospective tenants.

Key Quote:

"Landlords want the best return on their investment and tenants want the best deal on the market, so it pays to know your market so that you can meet in the middle."

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