Have you been on a Cerca climbing machine lately? Scott Lewis of Beckenham, and his clients, spent 24 hours on these challenging climbing machines to beat the world record for the most feet covered in a period of 24 hours. They beat the previous record by 70,000 feet, and all for a great cause.

Scott and his clients at The Bath and Racquets club in Mayfair raised money for Diabetes UK, to help those living with diabetes. The organization is extremely grateful for their extreme efforts. Scott himself has type 1 diabetes, and wants to support others to attain a healthy and manageable life as he has done for himself. Such an inspiration, wouldn't you say? What will you do next to raise funds for an important cause?

Key Takeaways:

  • The trainer and his friends raised a lot of money (£19,000) for the charity Diabetes UK to further research and development to help people with diabetes.
  • The trainer was trying to set the record for the most feet covered in a 24-hour period on a climber machine and they not only set the record, but beat the already existing record by 70,000 feet.
  • His friends helped him to succeed with setting the record and raising the money.

Key Quote:

"The aim was to set the record for the most feet covered in a 24-hour period - and the team beat the existing record by an incredible 70,000 feet."

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