Are you an organizer of a street party for this year’s Bromley's Big Lunch community get-together on June 17 – 18? Then, please be aware that although council chiefs will happily process your applications charge for free, you have just one month remaining to get your paperwork in order!

Presented by the Eden Project, the Big Lunch aspires to encourage U.K. residents to enjoy lunch with their neighbors, hoping to promote a sense of community, friendship and fun. You create the setting for the activity. Some people have hosted get-togethers ranging from intimate dinners with neighbors, to street parties, to major community events. Take the opportunity to reconnect with old friends or introduce new people to the neighborhood; maybe, you can meet that stranger you’ve always noticed and turned him or her into a friend.

Key Takeaways:

  • There will be no fee for street parties this summer in Bromley.
  • Council chiefs are waiving the fee for parties that are part of the big Lunch as long as the file quickly.
  • The Big Lunch was sparked by the Eden project and they hope it will bring neighbors closer together.

Key Quote:

"A street party can be a perfect way to get together with old acquaintances, as well to meet and befriend others living nearby who have perhaps only recently moved in, helping to forge stronger bonds along our streets and neighbourhoods and we can all make a difference by getting involved"

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