Yesterday's students are helping tomorrow's workers at the Ravensbourne School, located in Bromley. Nearly 250 former students have agreed to participate in a program designed to support current pupils and help them learn about the working world. The program, called ‘Future First’s,” started in Feb. 2016 and includes more than 400 schools across the nation.

The school’s assistant headteacher, Ben Rew, said that the experience of past students is a valuable resource for today’s pupils. The volunteers come from a variety of jobs but are united in their desire to help pupils at their old school. Interested alumni can still sign up to participate. If you you would like to sign up or get more information, send an email to Sburns@ravensbourne.info or go to www.ravensbourne.info and click on the ‘TRS Alumni network’ link.

Key Takeaways:

  • Almost 250 former students of a Bromley state school have so far signed up to a programme to help inspire today’s youngsters.
  • Alumni volunteering to support current students come from a range of careers, including finance, the civil service, engineering and the police force.
  • The school is hoping more former students will join up to the scheme, which was launched in February 2016.

Key Quote:

"The Ravensbourne School in Hayes Lane is one of 400 state secondaries and colleges nationwide registered with the education charity Future First to harness the experience of former students through ‘old school tie’ networks."

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