Greendale Property Co. has filed an appeal as their application to rebuild the Dulwich Hamlet stadium, along with 155 new homes on the green space known as Greendale Fields, has been delayed by the local councils planning office. Meadow Residential, a partial owner of Greendale properties, argues that the stadium rebuild, along with relocation of the pitch, clubhouse and grandstand, along with the money brought in by these residences, will together provide Dulwich Hamlet with a sustainable future that the stadium alone can not provide.

Key Takeaways:

  • A planning application was submitted by Greendale Property Company in April to rebuild the club’s stadium and put homes on protected land known as Green Dale Fields.
  • A spokesperson for Meadow Residential said: “We have consistently said that the financial deficit of the football club cannot be funded indefinitely and that a long-term solution needs to be found at the earliest opportunity."
  • Despite overwhelming support from Dulwich Hamlet fans, the plans to rebuild the stadium and build homes on Green Dale Fields have met dogged opposition from councillors and local residents.

Key Quote:

"Developers hoping to transform Dulwich Hamlet’s Stadium and build 155 homes wants to appeal against the council for delays in deciding its controversial proposals."

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