The lack of affordable housing has always been a difficult issue in London but things seem to be coming to a head according to this interesting article in the Evening Standards Homes and Property section. There is a shortage in housing due to population pressures. Too many people are moving to the city for the current housing stock to cope.

As Milton Keynes turns 50 and plans are revealed for 14 new towns, economist and urbanist Nicholas Falk says we should build on London’s fringe wastelands and remember that transport and homes must come as a package to create successful communities

Key Takeaways:

  • We need affordable homes and healthier neighbourhoods in London.
  • Garden villages could alleviate some of the problems.
  • Government funding needs to be part of the mix.

Key Quote:

"Though some complained of New Town Blues and the loss of traditional communities, by and large the New Towns succeeded. Milton Keynes, the biggest and now 50 years old, protected the rest of Buckinghamshire from urban sprawl."

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