Love it - loathe it, be sick to the back teeth of it, Brexit is happening.

We’re all waiting to see what impact the United Kingdon leaving the European Union have on the property market in Bromley and the South-East.

Like most long-term forecasts, no one knows with absolute certainty how things will pan out, especially when it comes to the housing market. It would be disingenuous of anyone to suggest with certainty.

However, what we we can report on is the positive impact since the General Election, which has seen buyer confidence resurging. The media have dubbed it the ‘Boris / Brexit Bounce.’

Here’s our reasons why….

The housing market doesn’t like uncertainty – whether political / financial.

Human psychologies generally are often inclined to avoid making decisions if we can get away with it.

Our minds seek reasons NOT to do something which might disturb the status quo of our lives.

The Brexit Factor

The uncertainty over Brexit was a big factor in many people’s decision to hold off buying or selling a home.

‘Will we?’ ‘Won’t we?’ questions now answered by the general election provide clarity. That’s the main reason we’ve seeing a lot of activity since the election which took place before Christmas. This appears to be a nationwide trend, not just Bromley and the South-East of England.

Recently released data shows UK property asking prices have increased on average by 2.3 per cent since the general election. The average UK house price is sadly now £306,810 if you are looking to buy. A rise in house prices and demand is good news if you plan to sell.

There’s a lot more positivity around the property market in Bromley and the South-East than we have seen for a few years. So, if you have been sitting on the fence about selling your home, now could be the ideal time to get opinions on the value and plan your move ready for the traditional Spring peak.

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