Almost all relationships benefit from good communication.

Below are ten ways landlords and tenants can help to ensure good communication.

What tenants like about good landlords

  • They ensure the property is well maintained and repairs are carried out quickly.
  • They show empathy and fairness in their dealings with tenants.
  • They recognise that even though it may be the landlord’s property – it’s the tenants’ home.
  • They respect the tenants’ right to privacy and never drop in unannounced (there are regulations around this – contact us to find out more).
  • They appreciate good tenants and are fair if and when there’s a need to raise the rent.

What landlords like about good tenants

  • They pay the rent on time, every time.
  • They look after the property as if it’s their own.
  • They don’t cause the landlord any issues with neighbours.
  • They communicate if there is an issue, such as a repair or a change in their circumstances.
  • They respect their boundaries – some landlords are hands-off and have us manage their properties. This doesn’t affect the tenancy adversely, and it can enhance it in many ways.

Our marketing and rigorous referencing ensure the best tenants are matched with suitable properties and landlords.

Our ongoing support and expertise keep the landlord and tenant relationship happy and mutually beneficial.

If you have any questions about any aspect of renting your property out, get in touch with us.