A recent trend in the UK is seeing one company building new homes with roof gardens. These homes are completely customizable, with a variety of options for whatever your tastes are. These trendy dwellings come with several low maintenance appeals, such as artificial grass, that keep hands on care much lower than a traditional garden, while still giving the beloved outdoor experience.

Owners can operate gas grills and even plant some of their own plants to care for if they really want the traditional backyard feel. Will this trend in housing last? Consumers will be the judge. One thing is for sure though, this new home model encourages buyers to think, quite literally, outside the tried and true housing box.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lots of would-be homeowners fantasise about a family house with plenty of space for the kids.
  • Some families are giving up on their dream of a back garden and rethinking their concept of outdoor space.
  • In its recently published housing white paper the government warned that the density of development in England’s urban areas would have to increase, with land used “more efficiently”.

Key Quote:

"They wouldn’t work in every part of the country, but they were really innovative homes, selling very well in that environment"

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