Remember the BBC technology show Tomorrow’s World? It produced quirky reports and live experiments examining the changing technological world, communicating complex scientific ideas and predicting the future of living in our homes. In 1989 they aired an episode of what the average UK home in 2020 would look like.

The predictions were hit and miss, but they did make some correct technological forecasts.

They said we’d be able to control our lighting, music and heating by voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.). Our homes would be more energy efficient (we’re getting there) and our windows would turn into TV screens at the flick of a switch (not just yet!).

And as we ease into the new decade, people who look ahead to see how technology will shape our lives (known as futurists), have been making some predictions of their own for homes of 2030.These include:

These include:

  1. Facial, fingerprint and voice recognition which opens your doors could become commonplace, meaning the scramble to find keys becomes a thing of the past!
  2. Modular Homes – Think LEGO on a grand scale. Futurists suggest technology will make it possible for people to increase or reduce the size of their property to fit their needs.
  3. E-cars - Electric vehicles and charging points will become the norm. As our homes become smarter at storing energy, futurists predict we will be able to share surplus power with our neighbours more easily.
  4. Technology free rooms – People may start seeking refuge from gadgets in low tech, screen-free ‘quiet’ spaces.
  5. Wow Wardrobes – Struggling to choose what to wear? Smart wardrobes will receive data from your schedule and weather updates to suggest what clothes you own that are best suited to your day ahead.

The big changes will involve what happens in our homes, not how they look from the outside.As wonderful as technology is, can and will be to our lives, at Edward Ashdale we never forget our clients love good ‘old fashioned values’ like courtesy, personal service, experience of the local market and expert knowledge.