Are you interested in the London's housing crisis and how it also applies to Bromley? Then this article is for you. According to the article, 22,000 empty garages and other pieces of land, are being held by Councils which could, potentially, be used for alternative purposes to help alleviate some of the affordable housing issues. With Councillors looking to alleviate the housing crisis, this article looks at one option that could be considered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Housing shortage in London prompts alternative spaces to be considered for housing usage and building.
  • A large number of empty and available garages being held by Councils are being considered as one possible solution to the housing crisis.
  • Available garages should be renovated and presented to the public as a viable housing option.

Key Quote:

"Chief executive Dan Gandesha said: “Although making better use of under-used council garages is not the absolute solution, it could seriously help alleviate the capital’s affordable housing crisis.”"

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