Attention, food lovers in Chislehurst, Deliveroo is delivering good news about its food delivery services. Soon, you will be able to enjoy some mouthwatering dishes from some of the best area restaurants all in the privacy of your own home. Are you ever hungry and needing to eat in a hurry?

How would you like to order food from dining establishments, like Prezzo, Imperial Arms, The Meze and La Boheme and receive it quickly? That’s right for just a £2.50 extra delivery fee, you can enjoy your food in about 30 minutes, Restaurants also benefit from Deliveroo. Businesses in other areas of the capitol have seen an up to 30 percent revenue increase. An additional bonus? The service deliveries more job opportunities to the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • The app that lets you get food delivered to your home, Deliveroo, is coming to Chislehurst.
  • For an extra fee of £2.50, users can get food delivered to their home from a wide range of restaurants.
  • Deliveroo has reported a boost to restaurant sales in other cities and may provide a similar boost for Chislehurst.

Key Quote:

"“Busy consumers will now be able to enjoy high-quality meals at home or in the office, delivered consistently and quickly, whether it’s burgers, ramen, or pasta.”"

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