A short look at what people love, and hate, about homes in Bromley and the South-East

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so with romance in the air, we thought we’d look at what makes people in Bromley and the South-East love property.

According to a recent article, or national survey by a conveyancing company, here are the top three things people loved most about property.

In our experience, people in Bromley and the South-East get passionate about the same things.

  1. A convenient location. 58 % of those surveyed said that being near good performing schools, transport links and shopping options was what they wanted most.
  2. Good value homes. People love properties that represent great value to them. Not to be confused with ‘cheap’, which is often driven by mistaken lust for a ‘bargain’, not true love is it? 37% of those surveyed thought this made for a special relationship.
  3. A garden. Having outdoor space sparked more than 28% of people to declare amour for their home.

One per cent of people swooned over the street name when buying a place. Such as St Valentine’s Way in Skegness or Cold Blow Lane.

But there is the opposite of love, which is hate, and the survey also asked people what turned them off properties they’d viewed with an eye to buy.

  1. Lacklustre location. 43% of people just didn’t fancy the property’s location or position.
  2. The price was too high – 40% of those surveyed said over priced homes turned them off.
  3. Kerb appeal – Beauty is more than skin deep in successful relationships, but when it comes to the exterior and interior of a prospective home, 34 % of people wanted to look at something they found visually attractive.

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