Here’s a short read on DIY…Discover some disasters and why it pays to use professionals.

The Do it Yourself industry in the UK is valued at around £7billion a year.

We all ‘try’, but according to a survey from consumer champion 'Which?' DIYers are worth considerably more to tradespeople who are called in to rectify and repair some of the calamities left behind by household ‘Have a go’ heroes.

Check out these horror shows reported by Which? Trusted Traders.

Plumbing the Depths

‘Many people try and fit their bathroom suite and then wonder why the water isn’t draining away. It’s usually down to poorly installed pipework or no fall/drop on the wastewater pipe. The worst I came across was an incorrectly fitted soil pipe which caused the bathroom to stink to high heaven. It ended up being very costly for the homeowner.”

Boiler Madness

“We were called into a property where the customer complained of a new new boiler leaking and the smell of gas. He admitted installing it himself, which was illegal because he was not Gas Safe registered. There were several potentially fatal errors made, such as pipes not being fitted correctly and the boiler being too close to the ceiling. Thankfully we were able to rectify his errors quickly and make the boiler safe for him and his young family.”

Not such Bright Sparks

‘The worst DIY seen was a 1.5mm lighting cable that had been used for a ring circuit in a house when it should have been 2.5mm. A cable like this on a 32Amp circuit breaker is likely to fail or melt under a high load or fault condition before the circuit breaker trips out, putting the whole house and anyone in it in danger.’

Remember to Call in the Experts

There are certain jobs around the home when calling in an expert is, without doubt, the best way forward. This doesn’t include hanging pictures... :-)

It’s the same when you’re selling a property. There’s a lot more to successfully selling your home than meets the eye. Doing it ‘on the cheap’ can be too onerous, a potential nightmare at best and a potential disaster in the worst case scenario.

At Edward Ashdale we’ve over 20 years’ experience of helping people in Bromley and the South-East to sell and let homes successfully. It’s what we do — day in, day out. Dealing with all types of characters presents its challenges, especially if you are inexperienced in dealing with members of the public.

As local property experts, we are experienced in handling people, in the field of negotiation and have the knowledge to liaise with solicitors and solve problems. We also have an approved list of contractors. Referenced and appropriately insured with a proven track record. Trusted tradespeople we use day in and day out.

Remember, keep it professional and simple and get in touch with your local agent if you need help!