High Honors from the Queen have dancers from Magpie Dance twirling with delight. Founded by Arvil Hitman in 1985, this quaint dance academy started as a once a week venue for those with disabilities to have an enjoyable, artistic experience. Now, thirty years later and with a lot of hard work put in, more than three hundred members participate in classes offered almost everyday of the year.

Not only is watching the members develop their talents and abilities grow exciting, but dance offers another medium of communication. Through rhythm, motion, and personal expression, these members can communicate through body language. Dance has been used to communicate and tell stories since time began. And as we are finding out today, for some, it is a much easier task than oral or written communication.

Magpie Dance is based out of Churchill Theatre, Bromley. For over thirty years, the school has relied on trusts and charities to keep their program going. It is the hope of Director Hitman that the Honor will covey the attention it deserves and help to increase donations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dance company was set up for people with disabilities in the Bromley area.
  • The woman who set this up has now received an honour from the Queen.
  • The company has grown to include 3 full time staff and 20 part time employees.

Key Quote:

"The original idea was about working with people with learning disabilities and giving people more opportunities, and developing skills, confidence and communication."

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