It’s not festive enough for us yet to mention the C-word, but we always need to be aware of the P-word – P is for PLASTIC.

Plastic is something that is at the top of sustainable Santa’s naughty list.

There’s no getting away from the practice of using plastic at some point in the run-up to and during the festive period. That’s a trait of our modern lifestyles, but it does not stop us from trying to reduce the amount we use.

Research shows our use and disposal of plasticsoars during the festive season – with a huge amount destined for landfill sites and not recycling centres.

We can all do our bit to tackle this. Here are five simple and super ways to ditch the festive plastic and contribute to the planet feeling a little more fantastic.

  1. Swap your plastic Christmas tree for a real one. Ideally, one you can re-plant in a garden, the park or the woods after use.

  2. Give the gift of an experience rather than an over packaged toy or shower set! Event tickets, cinema and museum passes make memorable presents.

  3. Shop locally. We’re big on keeping it local and the streets at Edward Ashdale.  Encourage people to use local shops and businesses in and around Bromley.

  4. A lot of seasonal cards, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows etc. are not recyclable believe it or not! If you shop around, there are plenty of alternatives that are recyclable.

  5. Here’s a cracker of an idea, which the kids will love. Pulling crackers before lunch are plastic enemy number one when it comes to waste. Why not ditch the bad jokes and pointless trinkets (really, who needs a comb the size of a thumb?

Here’s our idea which can be done on Christmas morning pre-lunch:

1) Don’t throw all the wrapping paper away just yet.

2) Cut a section of the wrapping paper into smallish squares.

3) Get all the family to write a message to each other on the squares and fold them up. Step 4) Rather than pulling crackers pass over the envelopes at the dinner table. You can even add your own bad jokes!

 Keep following us in the run-up to Christmas day because in the last couple of weeks before we’ll be sharing a gift the younger members of our community will love. And it doesn’t involve any plastic!

               Everyone should be reducing the plastic, so show you care tag a friend or share!