Come be bedazzled by the classic Parisian love story, ' La Boheme' on Feb. 19, at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford. Listen to the brass band and full orchestra as they delight your ears and heart with arias that include: Muesetta's Waltz, Your Tiny Frozen Hand, and the forever favorite, They Call Me Mimi.

But that isn't the only treat for theatre goers as Alyona Kistenyova, world renounced French soprano, will grace us with her role as Muesetta, and her co-star will be none other than Ecaterina Danu as Mimi! Along with stellar costumes, breathtakingly detailed sets and effects, Ellen Kent's production in Dartford will be featured in Italian, with English subtitles.

The Dartford performance will be presented by Opera and Ballet International, an Ellen Kent production, Feb. 19 at the Orchard Theatre. For tickets, please visit online at

Key Takeaways:

  • Opera and Ballet International presents an Ellen Kent production in Dartford, with international soloists, highly-praised chorus and full orchestra.
  • Starring Alyona Kistenyova, the international French soprano as Musetta and the critically acclaimed soprano Ecaterina Danu as Mimi, this production is traditionally staged and features beautiful sets and costumes.
  • This classic tale of Parisian love and loss features many famous arias including Your Tiny Hand is Frozen, They Call Me Mimi and Musetta’s Waltz.

Key Quote:

"La Bohème is one of the most romantic operas ever written."

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