Just read this lovely story in the Bromley Times that I wanted to share with you. A local group has achieved national recognition, the Green Flag award, for their efforts to improve a neglected garden and make it a focal point of the community. Winsford Park is now one of just 15 parks to receive this prestigious award for innovation. More residents are now enjoying the park and using it regularly, thanks to the work of the selfless volunteers.

Every week, since 2011, a small group of volunteers have gathered together to work on the local park in Penge, known as Winsford Gardens. They show up every week, regardless of the weather, and have been able to alter the neglected gardens significantly into a lively bog garden with raised beds, home to a variety of insects, frogs and other amphibians.

Key Takeaways:

  • A volunteer group cleans and maintains Windsor Gardens. They have become known as "The Friends of Windsor Gardens". They are residents of Penge helping to serve and beautify their park.
  • The park had not been properly cared for or maintained and the community has been quite thankful for the the hard work of the green thumbs now known as "The Friends of Windsor Gardens".
  • Originally called the "Penge Green Gym" after recieving national attention for their work at Windsor Gardens the community group is well known as the Friends of Windsor Gardens.

Key Quote:

"Now Winsford Gardens is one of only 15 parks and green spaces to receive a Special Award for Innovation from the Green Flag Award Scheme."

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