For those seeking to invest in the buy to let business in the UK, it is helpful to know which regions show the most promise. One online property leasing business, The Lendinvest BTL, notes critical lending market criteria, on a quarterly basis. Areas of paramount concern for investors are over-viewed for the period noted.

These areas of high concern are rental yields, growth in rental price, capital value growth and transaction volumes. These aforementioned markers of rental property business health vary from postal region to postal region.

So, getting a temperature reading of the rental market every few months is highly useful for those in the rental business. For example, the latest LendInvest BTL Index notes that Romford, East London, has pushed ahead several places, gaining more than 5% in it’s rental price growth capacity. A quick glance at the BTL Index always affords market watchers a clear delineation of top and bottom choices in buy to let regions in the UK.

Key Takeaways:

  • New quarterly measures of the Buy-to-Let market have been released for every postal code in Wales and England.
  • Romford in East London takes the top spot with an 8% leap in rental price growth.
  • Northampton is still the only postal code located outside the South East to make the top ten.

Key Quote:

"The LendInvest BTL Index ranks each postcode area around England and Wales based on a combination of four critical metrics: capital value growth, transaction volumes, rental yield and rental price growth."

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