The Journey to Hope Project recently set up two hut style homes in Bromley that are replicas of how a woman once lived with her daughter. Today, the woman's living conditions have drastically changed thanks to the help of The Journey to Hope project charity.

This project was created to show people how challenging living conditions can be for poor families across the world and how these living conditions can affect their lives. Seeing how much the woman and her daughters lives have improved should give a lot of people hope.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visitors to the huts were able to experience the struggles and hardships of living in certain environments.
  • Taking part in various aspects of the hut allowed people to gain an understanding of the challenges many face daily.
  • The installation also had an African drums learning section.

"International children’s charity World Vision has set up two life-size huts in the town’s Market Square, to recreate how a mother and her daughter from the west African country lived 15 years ago, and how they live now with the charity’s help."

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