Say you were hungry and wandering around East Dulwich, where would you go? Luckily East Dulwich is known for it's eclectic cafes and restaurants. You can find fresh baked bread as well as fine coffee at a low price. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth. If that's the case, then the Blue Brick Cafe is the place to go. They even have an amazing vegetarian menu.

Most East Delwich cafes use coffee beans that come from local roasters. If you are into a bustling night scene, then there is definitely something for you. Pubs and Wine Bars can be found. Speaking of wine, l The Palmerstone, with it's classic decor and fire place is known to be a fantastic place for a dinner date while not breaking the bank. East Dulwich even has Sushi and Cheeseburgers if you aren't in the mood for traditional British food.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lordship Lane is home to quite an array of restaurants which all get busy at the weekends, so it's best to book ahead.
  • Franklin's is a hugely popular neighbourhood restaurant.
  • Need beer and hot sauce? Get them both at Hop Burns & Black

Key Quote:

"Whilst East Dulwich has changed immeasurably over the past decade or so, it has retained its community feel and boasts a high street full of independent shops, restaurants and cafés."

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