If you are considering buying a property in Bromley and surrounding areas in the near future, then the following article is a definite must read. The improving UK economy, inflation and other factors point at rising mortgage interest rates in 2017.

The timing of your purchase is a very important factor in making buying decisions. Being aware of several factors mentioned in the below article, including actions made by the big lenders, will be a definite asset in your future decision making.

The cost of money is not the only factor affecting rates. Competition among lenders plays a role also. Read this article to see what I mean!

Key Takeaways:

  • This is good time to get mortgage or remortgage. before anticipated rates rise
  • There are some great deals out there right now, which may not last long. So look for them.
  • Lenders have been lowering funding costs because they are hungry for more business.

Key Quote:

"The trend for mortgage rate cuts is coming to an end and both brokers and clients should prepare for hikes this year, according to industry experts."

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